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When Discretion Matters, Talk To Mauricio Padilla

Family law attorney Mauricio Padilla began his career at Dade County Legal Aid representing the indigent in family law and domestic violence matters. Throughout the years, his career has taken him to other courthouses and other areas of law, however a portion of his practice still revolves around divorce.

20 years after Legal Aid, his family law clients include celebrity athletes like former professional boxer Olandier Solis and former MLB star Jorge Toca. Mr. Padilla has extensive experience working with forensic accountants in high asset dissolution of marriage cases as well as aggressively litigated custody disputes.

Nothing is more valuable than a relationship with your child. Mr. Padilla has also fought to protect those whose rights as a parent have been unjustly effected by false and frivolous allegations.

Understanding How Florida’s Equitable Distribution Of Marital Property Works

When a petition for dissolution of marriage – or no-fault divorce – is filed in Florida, a couple can create their own agreement for dividing their marital property and debts, including:

  • Business and professional interests
  • Intellectual property
  • Designer pets
  • Art collection
  • Recreation vehicles
  • Antique automobiles
  • Stocks and other investments
  • Retirement accounts

Prenuptial agreements can make the process run smoother but not if it is an unfair prenup. Mr. Padilla is not afraid to challenge an unbalanced prenup in court to protect his client’s future and to seek justice.

If a couple cannot agree on who gets what, the court will create a settlement. The court looks to an equitable distribution, which may not result in an exact 50-50 split, but is fair to each party. The court’s analysis prior to doing so includes weighing factors such as:

  • How long the couple has been married
  • Each spouse’s career or lack of career
  • How much each spouse contributed in time and money to the marriage or asset in question
  • Whether one spouse wants or needs the asset, like the family home to continue raising the children, for example
  • Intentional waste – such as maxing out the spending limit on credit cards – within two years of filing for divorce

Attorney Padilla can help inventory, discover veiled assets and safeguard your right to financial stability after your marriage is over. He will fight to protect what you value, including your relationship with your children.

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